Global real estate opportunities available today.
Please contact Dr. Guillaume Ngonmeudje at 1-630-697-0569 or

    1. Ocean view certified land
    for sale

    Location: Campo-Malaba
    Surface area: 7ha 33a 93ca
    Division of Ocean

  • 2. Ocean view property
    Location: Kribi-Idollo
    Surface area:1ha 50a 72ca
    700 m from the Ocean, behind the SNH, 2.7 miles from Aurelia Palace Hotel Kribi

  • 3. Certified land for sale
    Location: Kribi, Lendi-Aviation
    Surface area: 5000 meters square
    On the forefront of the major highway Kribi-Akom 2

  • 4. Certified land for sale
    Location:Kribi, Lokoundje-Ebea
    Surface area: 2ha 80a 00ca

    5. Certified land for sale
    Location: Kribi, Lokoundje-Ebea
    Surface area: 2ha 50a 00ca/li>

  • 6. Certified and Titled
    land property on sale for business
    or corporation

    Surface area: 6 hectares
    Location: Bidou, Kribi
    Excellent location behind the Tchad-Cameroon Pipeline
    Bidou, Kribi, Cameroon