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GHIPECP, NFP is an emerging leading Non-Governmental Organization composed of demonstrated leaders, nursing scholars for a global world, all committed to optimize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reach out to the vulnerable global population through interprofessional education, collaboration, and partnership. Our primary aim is to assist in the training and education of health providers globally with a conceptual model designed to facilitate effective implementation and dissemination of sustainable interprofessional education and collaborative practice. The overall outcome is to create community-driven global health through primary healthcare interventions that will improve the health outcomes of the global population.

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There will be a day when we get to celebrate
every person on the planet having access to clean water.
  • We are trying to help each and everyone to stand sustainably in their life.

Nurse Leaders for a Global World

STTI Notification

Sigma's 31st International Nursing Research Congress -- Notification Letter for Poster Presentations, Dubai, UAE, July 23-27, 2020
abstracts@sigmanursing.org via confex.com

Congratulations, Guillaume Ngonmeudje! The abstract you submitted for Sigma’s 31st International Nursing Research Congress, “Gemba Board for VTE Prevention,” has been selected for a poster presentation. The abstracts submitted were exceptional! The presentations selected are an excellent reflection of current nursing trends and timely issues. We look forward to your participation in this prestigious event. The opportunity to collaborate with nursing scholars from around the world who are involved in the advancement of nursing science promises to be rewarding and stimulating.


  • Poster Presentation Title: Gemba Board for VTE Prevention
  • ID#: 104220
  • Password: 878171

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